Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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The Sad Tale of Rudy Johnson:
Bread, Circus and beating each other up
Sports fanaticism as social control.
The Sad Tale of Rudy Johnson: Bread, Circus, and Beating Each Other up
Rudy Johnsons beating, is a symptom of a sickness in American Athletics, The product of Americas obsession with Athletics.
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Passwords and Depravity
Why you Cant build the perfect lock


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

JFK, Conspiracy, and Common Sense
          By David L. Davis, (as J. Knox McDill)

In this, The 50th anniversary year of the JFK Assassination, The debate over what happened still rages. Many are convinced of a conspiracy while many others believe such a conspiracy was impossible and that Oswald had to have acted alone. This work examines the evidence and the witnesses in the quest for an answer.

Discusses: The different theories regarding the assassination Like:

  • The CIA
  • The Mafia
  • LBJ                                                                                                               
 Looks into the many Dubious witnesses such as:

  • Beverly Oliver
  • Judyth Very Baker
  • The "Confession of E. Howard Hunt."
Explores the enduring mysteries:

  • The "Babushka" Lady  
  • The Enigma of Lee Harvey Oswald    
  • The Secret Service agent in Dealey Plaza      

Found wanting, Frauds in the Church From Todd to Caner.
David L. Davis

In our day the Church needs discernment as never before. Yet, all too many believers throw discernment to the wind to follow Frauds and deceivers.

Found wanting is an examination of hoaxers, deceivers, and others whose lies not only lead individuals into absurd speculation, but which are used to damage the image of the Church and make Christians look foolish.

Covered in this work are individuals like:
  • Alberto Rivera
  • John Todd
  • Mike Warnke
  • Ergun Caner
  • Bill Schnoebelen
  • Rebecca Brown
  • Texe Marrs
  • Bob Larson
and others.
Found wanting is available in Kindle format at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G0T5WFI